Spin Cycle: The Annual

A magazine that brings together the passion, history and stories of cycling with beautiful photography has now been brought to life in a book.

14.07.14 | News

By Ali Vermilio


We’ve been working with the guys at Spin Cycle Magazine for some time now. For those who aren’t quite as cycle savvy as others; Spin Cycle is a North-based digital quarterly, sharing the stories of those who have helped build, break, set, make, trial and champion cycling into what it is today. That being said, it’s not solely a look back at history, but more a catalogue of cycling culture; of riders, frame-makers, builders and record-breakers (to name but a few), retelling the past, recording the present and tracking what and who to watch for in the future. It threads together stories, people and passion, with beautiful photography and writt­en style that makes it hard to put down.

Book 1 

The quarterly itself is a free digital publication, which is perfect for showcasing the quality and style of the photography in full detail. That being said, I always prefer to have something in print. For me, you can connect with the tangible in a way that the digital world will never replicate or surpass. I’m not sure if it is because of that, or because of the long standing cafe culture associated with cycling, but it seemed almost rude not to have a printed version for the coffee table! So we were super excited when the guys asked us to put together their annual – a limited edition printed keepsake of all the best bits of the first six issues.

Book 2 

Cycling wasn’t really something that was even on my radar before I started working with the guys at Spin, but the photography in particular, really is for everyone, whether you’re a religious rider or not. I particularly like the emphasis and push on women’s cycling also. I think male dominated sports often overlook even immensely talented sportswomen, and it’s really refreshing to see the success of women championed, and to hear and learn of their stories; like Emily Kay and Sue Gormley, who both feature in the Annual. I really hope this is something the guys continue to push in future editions of the magazine and while I’m still no club rider, it has inspired me to buy a bike and cycle my commute to work everyday!

Book 3

Aside from opening the doors to a new hobby, the project was also a great opportunity to explore editorial design further and to work with local photographers & writers – and creators of Spin – Dan Kenyon and James Maloney. It turned out to be a very collaborative process, from whittling down six issues to 272 pages (which was no easy feat), to creating the styling and feel of the annual. We wanted to keep the design clean and simple, and let the photography lead, but with accents, like the linear colour flashes in the spine - inspired by road lines - that separate the magazine from similar publications and help reflect what Spin is all about. Overall, it turned out to be a great project and we worked well together to create something we are all proud of.

There are only 1500 copies available, which can be purchased here or stockists in:



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