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Until yesterday there were 145 device labs in the world, spread across 34 countries. It was with great pride that last night we launched the first Open Device Lab in Liverpool, to make it 146.

05.06.15 | News

By Nick Clapson

Open Device Lab Liverpool

Open Device Labs are a not-for-profit resource set up to allow everyone, from freelancers to tech and creative companies to access a pool of internet connected devices, to allow testing and improve the digital user experience. With the opening of ODL Liverpool there are now four device labs in the North.

Our device lab has launched with around 20 devices from most of the main manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Blackberry, Google and Sony, using the main operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows 8 and Fire OS). With a range of different sizes of device, from smartphones to tablets, it allows for comparisons across different resolutions. The mix of devices will also include ‘legacy’ systems, using old phones and systems to widen the test bed as much as possible.

ODL will be a fantastic resource for our team here at Uniform, and also for others across the city. I hope this creates another opportunity for fellow developers in the region to share ideas and build the digital community. 

So if you are interested and want to find out more have at look at the ODL Liverpool website or follow the ODL twitter feed for latest news and updates @ODLLiverpool.

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