Uniform Sports Day

What could an agency achieve if everyone was focused on one brief? We wanted to find out. The brief - to explore how technology will shape the future of sport.

04.03.16 | Research

By Erika Shorter

The Future Of Sport

Imagining the Impossible is who we are; it’s our purpose as an agency. We live it day to day. It underpins why we work and the way we work and inspires us to greatness. 

Far more than an ethos, it’s also a tangible session we run as a concentrated shot of creativity, passion and collaborative, cross discipline working. One day. 6 teams. 100 big ideas. Why do we do it? No one set the rules that an idea happens in an R&D team, or even during working hours. Ideas come from great people working together in different ways. For Uniform, uniting our studio and challenging them to Imagine the Impossible for an afternoon celebrates both our breadth of talent and our ambition to do work that truly excites us.

These sessions are not only about Imagining the Impossible, but also making it happen.

Putting down our tools, we mix into teams and play, taking the time to do things that may not make immediate sense, but take us somewhere inspiring. Imaginative. Impossible. Together we muck in, come up with wild ideas, build, learn, make mistakes and have fun.

Our ITI sessions sit alongside a wider programme of research, focusing in on a specific brief relating to a sector we specialise in. Our most recent looked at the future of sport from the perspective of players, viewers and spectators, and started us on a journey that led to brilliant prototypes, sector-shaping conversations, and now a trip to SXSW to showcase our adventures with VR, the Internet of Things and grassroots sport.

The Uniform studio has a strange atmosphere at the end of ITI sessions: part awe at what we’ve collectively accomplished in an afternoon, part reflection, part celebration. Our people feel true ownership over what comes out of our studio in the days and months following, and that sense of ownership translates to a culture of creative, invested and engaged working. We see Imagining the Impossible as a shift in how a creative agency could start to operate.  

So what does Imagining the Impossible look like to you? Is it redesigning a product? Discovering how your brand fits alongside an upcoming trend or technology? Is it a solution to a problem? Is it shaping a better future?

We are a design and innovation company. We use design, innovation and imagination to create change.

Imagine the impossible.

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