Fancy a career in design? Here’s our thoughts on what makes an excellent design graduate.

02.06.15 | Opinion

By Pete Blake

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Yes folks, it's that time of year again – English summertime is just around the corner, and thousands of students are graduating and looking for that coveted first step in a glittering career. 
What you might not hear very often, dear students, is that you're in a very powerful position:
You've got a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a big first impression, make a splash in an industry that's thirsty for new talent.
We're lucky, as visually-minded people, to be aware of how we present ourselves, and for that reason alone the job of sifting through internship applications is a diverse, enjoyable experience. It's worth making the extra effort to stand out and present yourself in the way that you want to be seen. 
Most senior creatives will agree: We love seeing raw talent, passing on our advice, and helping to nurture the career of an aspiring creative. 
Here's three pieces of advice that we would like to offer an aspiring creative:


Get noticed

You've crafted every project in your portfolio within an inch of its life, but until that portfolio is under the nose of a creative director, it's not doing its job. Think creatively about what you'll do to grab the attention of the people that matter. 

Keep your social media game on point and publish work online for added exposure.


Never stop learning

So you've completed a design degree, perhaps an MA, but that doesn't mean that your education is complete. No my friend, this is just the beginning! Ask questions, be open to advice, observe, practice. Be prepared to fail, but bounce back quickly and learn from those mistakes.


Loosen up 

Often the pressure of live client work – the tight deadlines, the awkward briefs – can seem miles away from the environment that has helped to nurture your portfolio so far. To keep producing great work, see these restrictions as creative opportunities. Embrace the challenges. Your most fulfilling creative work will come out of these situations.
So what type of graduate are we looking for at Uniform?
On the one hand, we have a very specific set of requirements: you should have bottomless enthusiasm for your work; you should take delight in solving problems; you should be an excellent creative thinker; you should be skilled in communicating your ideas; you should be able to execute the ideas with a high degree of skill.
On the other hand, we want to be surprised. This is your opportunity to bring something unexpected to the table. You might be great with words, you might be an awesome animator. Your unique set of skills will make you stand out. If you've got something extra, show us! 

If you’re interested in an internship with Uniform, contact with a PDF portfolio or a link to your website.

Illustrations by András Ferenczy

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