John West Liverpool Spring 10k

Uniform were out in full force at the weekend, running and cheering each other on in Sefton Park.

03.05.16 | Culture

By Culture Team


Congratulations to all the runners out at the John West 10k at Sefton Park this weekend, and the hero fans who braved the wind and rain to support us. Your high fives, signs and cheers made a huge difference when feet and morale started to lag.


A team of 9 of us from Uniform took part and had a great time, especially once the painful running bit was over (type 2 fun). We were a motley crew: some of us seasoned runners with a decent chance of winning, and some of us running that distance for the very first time and not even sure we’d finish. But finish we all did. And what a race! Music, dancers, the most beautiful trails in the city and even some tuna waiting at the end.


Events like this, created and sustained by tireless volunteers and brought to life by enthusiastic participants and supporters, make us proud to be living in such a vibrant and spirited city. Best of all, we managed to raise over £1,700 for The Whitechapel Centre, a Liverpool charity battling homelessness. Uniform made a contribution to this effort, supporting everyone's individual fundraising. 

The Park Runs, 1ks, 5ks, 10ks, halfs and marathons all over the UK are key for health, camaraderie and community, so thanks to everyone who made it happen for giving us the chance to get fit, have fun and give back.


See you next year!  

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