Intern Story Jake Balston

How did you hear about Uniform?

Just before our Design Show one of the tutors put a note on our Facebook group explaining that Uniform were coming down. I checked them out and loved the website.

How did you get the internship?

I met Nick Bentley at the show. I’d prepared a speech and then didn’t realise I was speaking to him! Within minutes he’d moved on to speak to other people, but thankfully he liked what I had to say and within a fortnight he’d offered me the internship.

What have you learnt?

I’ve learnt that having a good eye for detail and style is your most important asset. Within a month I have also begun to learn more about the rendering system V-Ray which is very, very good. I have also been given the task of learning Rail Clone which enables you to duplicate and repeat modules. I used this to model some contextual buildings for a live project.

Any surprises?

Working on live projects. You hear horror stories of interns being placed in the corner for weeks or months on end but I’ve been working on real projects that bring in money. My contribution might be small but it’s great having this responsibility already.

What has been your favourite project so far?

The most important was an international project for the architect SOM. It was a great project. I got to model the contextual buildings for it. However my favourite was the Azerbaijan project, because I loved the landscaping work created by one of the artists, Steven Tierney. I got to model the bridge, which took pride of place in one of the images and even this small detail gave me a lot of satisfaction.

What’s it like being in the studio?

It’s great. It’s a creative agency so the studio is really cool and the guys are all open and friendly. I had only been on my internship for a few weeks when I went with the team to the SOA Academy, an amazing visualisation conference in Venice. 

And Liverpool?

The Anglican Cathedral is definitely one of the high points so far. I went to the top and saw across Liverpool. It’s really cool. The bells are ridiculous. 

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