Intern Story Ken Saito

How did you hear about Uniform?

I was introduced to Uniform by one of my lecturers at university. I was looking for a summer internship, and she thought it would be a great match for me.

How did you get the internship?

Uniform were looking to produce a white paper focused on the sport sector, following on from their successful consumer goods and property & place papers. They needed someone with knowledge in both sports and technology, and after an interview with Nick and Tim, I managed to secure a spot at Uniform. I felt overdressed when I showed up in the office wearing a suit though!

What have you learnt?

I learned the basics of planning a research paper, and how to apply the marketing theories I learnt in school. Throughout the process I learned a lot about the sports industry, and how much technology can shape the future of sport from the perspectives of the player, spectator, and viewer. What I learnt most though, was that Uniform is more of a home than a company as everyone treats one another like family.

What projects did you work on?

During my time at Uniform, my main objective was to shape the ‘Future of Sport’ paper. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to develop ideas for the entire company to work on during Uniform's annual ‘Imagine the Impossible Day’, -  a day in which the whole company shuts down, splits into teams and works on a creative brief in relation to the sectors Uniform works in - some groups came up with pretty insane ideas!

What was your favourite project?

The Imagine the Impossible Day was great as I felt that everyone was able to take part in the larger project I was involved in. It was a day of fun and although everyone is busy doing their own projects, it was great to see everyone get involvedl and show their creativity in different ways.

Any surprises?

The number of birthdays people at Uniform had during the summer! I think I gained a few pounds eating birthday cake alone, sometimes three days in a row!

What was it like being in the studio?

Like I mentioned earlier, it didn’t feel like going to work, but just a place where friends and family are, and I had to do some work whilst I was there. I was able to focus on my work, but at the same time when I needed a break I could chat with my colleagues, and see what projects they were working on. It was a great environment not only to progress in what you’re doing, but also to learn about lots of other things as well.

And Liverpool?

Coming from Tokyo, it was quite different! After living in the city for a while, it started feeling cozy, and the compactness became really convenient.

Anything else you want to add?

I just want to say thanks to everyone who was there at the time. Even though it was only 3 months, I’ve learnt a lot and made some good relationships. I was able to find my current job through my research, so if it wasn’t for Uniform, I literally wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m sure any intern at Uniform will have a great time at Uniform!


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