Intern Story Odette Butean

How did you hear about Uniform?

In Summer 2012 I went on a two week intensive animation course in Alghero, Sardinia, and met Nick Bentley (one of Uniform’s founders) at a conference where he was talking about various Uniform projects.

How did you get the internship?

The tutor I went with encouraged me to send my portfolio to Uniform and apply for an internship. I was grateful of the advice!

What did you learn?

Besides learning about animation, I learned about the process of working, and to be more organised. Whenever I had doubts about anything the team helped me out.

What projects did you work on?

I worked on projects for The FA, Unilever, Shop Direct and Linn.

What was your favourite project?

My favourite project was for Unilever. I spent more time on this project than on any other, working from the early creative through to the animation stage.

Any surprises?

What surprised me most was how big Uniform is as a company. The different teams have a good communication between them, which I think is a very important part in any business.

What was it like being in the studio?

I was glad of the opportunity. They’re very nice people working on very varied and interesting projects. It was great being considered as part of the team.

And Liverpool?

Really nice city, great to take walks and discover lambananas in different places. I also liked the museums, but I’ve got to admit I’m not a fan of the Beatles!

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