Intern Story Sam Lane

How did you hear about Uniform?

I already knew of Uniform through blogs and the internet and had admired their work for a while, so I contacted them.

How did you get the internship?

I sent Tim, one of the Creative Directors, a link to my portfolio. I then had various conversations with Tim and Marcus online and in person.

What have you learnt?

The main thing was probably working on concepts and idea generation. The way the team work from the research stages, concept generation, through to design is something that I have taken a lot from, injecting into my own working practices. I also learned quite a lot of new software skills.

What was your favourite project?

The work we did for The FA was my favourite. I worked with one of the designers, John Barton, on the project from the beginning, which involved researching, coming up with concepts, right through to the initial design stages of the campaign. I also really enjoyed working with Marcus on the agency ‘Imagine the Impossible’ wall mural, because it was more hands on and a ton of fun!

Any surprises?

I was surprised with how involved the design team let me be on pretty major projects. I was working on concept generation and design for clients such as The FA, Shop Direct and It’s Liverpool. Even though I may have only contributed a little, I was very pleased with how the design team let me be part of their team while I was there. It was good to sit in and contribute to meetings and join in with brainstorming activities. 

What was it like being in the studio?     

I have done numerous placements across three years at university and found Uniform to be the most welcoming. They made the most time for me, despite their busy schedule and they let me be part of the team, generating ideas and design for real clients.

And Liverpool?

I really like Liverpool as a city, As I’m from the North West, I’m already familiar with the city and think it’s one of the best for the arts and music. It has a good vibe. 

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Imagine the impossible.

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