Fostering innovation to create change

Fostering innovation to create change

American Express is one of the world’s most valuable brands and is at the forefront of the payments field and financial services industry. Innovation lies at the heart of AmEx’s success and as technology advances at an ever increasing pace, AmEx needs to maintain its leading position, by continuously finding new opportunities to innovate.

The Transaction Lab was a programme of unconventional learning and development, created and facilitated by Uniform. The aim was to foster an ‘innovative mindset’ and create a programme of change across a diverse group of people within the business - a first of its kind at American Express. The programme welcomed a group of 17 employees including new interns, IT graduates, apprentices and existing employees all looking to renew and refresh their human capital for growth and opportunity.

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Participants were asked to position themselves as innovators across the 14 week programme, thinking and working like a design studio. From gathering insight, to ideation, creative technology, then developing a final prototype to present back to the business, participants were pushed beyond their individual skill sets and forced to work as a team outside of their typical work streams.

Exposing individuals to emerging technologies and pushing against restrictive thinking gave participants a new perspective on how they might contribute in different ways within the business. The aim was to awaken new ways of thinking and new motivations on a personal level, as well as providing new tools for working in different ways to support the growth of the business and develop improved experiences for AmEx customers over time.

"A first of it's kind at American Express"
Stuart Wilson, Vice President Software Engineering

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