From product to people

From product to people

With the competition rounding on a market they created, Amtico looked to Uniform to cement their position as both innovator and leader.



As client expectations grow, so do the number of brands hoping to get a foothold in this lucrative sector. With over 50 years experience of UK based design and manufacture, the Amtico story was theirs to write. Through a process of research and strategic development we were able to re-position the commercial arm of their business.

It’s never just enough to work with, and present to a small project team. It was imperative Uniform built strong working relationships across the organisation. Brand buy-in, particularly within blue chip organisations requires company-wide engagement. 

We’ve worked with so many people from their team to really uncover what makes Amtico special.
Tim Sharp, Creative Director
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Immersing ourselves in Amtico’s operation meant taking time to understand not only customer needs but also how employee perception continues to shape their future.

Quality is key for a team who take immense pride in the products they deliver. Externally, that quality is already recognised; with Amtico’s premium priced LVT controlling market share. However, a superior product doesn’t sell itself. At the heart of their success is a team of experts, committed to delivering a product they can be proud of.

Shifting brand logic from product to people was central to our strategic delivery.

Shining a spotlight on Amtico’s design, manufacturing and after care team allowed us to communicate a level of expertise unsurpassed by the competition. Much more than a product, our repositioning allows Amtico to assume their place as trusted collaborator throughout the supply chain.

A simple statement; Amtico makes it possible, was everything needed to communicate self evident levels of expertise; and a refresh of their brand identity allowed us to bring the story to life in an engaging, compelling way.

A spotlight on Amtico’s design, manufacturing and after care team.

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