Independence, Distilled

Independence, Distilled

Bedrock is the world’s best gin. Awarded this grand title at the 2016 International Wine and Spirits Competition, Bedrock is the product of master craftsmanship and unyielding passion. Alongside a new visual identity, luxury packaging and tone of voice, we directed a 60 second ode to the Lake District, both the home of Bedrock and it’s muse.

Bedrock Gin


We set our sights on Bedrock back in 2015. As a product, they were incomparable. As a brand, they lacked the global vision to make them a luxury spirits contender. We think of Uniform as a champion of homegrown talent, talent that can and should compete at an international level. With a refined offer and confident, independent attitude, we’ve given Bedrock the tools to stand proud in a luxury spirits market dominated by huge distributors.

As nuanced as the geography that inspired it, Uniform’s Bedrock branding is a love song to the Lake District.
Neil Sheakey, Creative Director
Bedrock 07
Bedrock 08
Bedrock 09
Bedrock 10

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