Match day re-imagined

Match day re-imagined

An audience with a premier league legend, hosted by one of the world’s biggest lager brands. That’s a pretty special Match Day experience.

So when Carlsberg asked Uniform to update the wall graphics of their Anfield corporate lounge, we saw instead a chance for a tribute to the two brands’ 20-year partnership; an environment that would build anticipation, and amplify the experience.


After studying the format of the day, our creative team set about restructuring the room, making the speaker’s podium the focus. Our custom-built Tactic Zone app let former players give fans their insights on the forthcoming game. And, mining the last two decades for inspirational football moments, Uniform brought together Liverpool FC memorabilia and Carlsberg’s vivid style to create bespoke furniture and detailing.

Bcked by more than 150 years of Danish heritage, Carlsberg is a household name in the UK.

The result was a space that showed the natural bond between the brands, and helped build the perfect pre-match atmosphere. As a finishing touch, Uniform’s film team commissioned Japanese artist Dragon 76 to create a mural of the Club’s heroes as a backdrop to the stage. The making-of went viral on fan sites, becoming the third most watched film on Carlsberg’s own channel… and fulfilled the original wall-graphics brief, too.

Carlsberg Group is the fourth largest brewer in the world, with a portfolio of more than 140 beer brands

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