A guidebook for cities of the future

A guidebook for cities of the future

How can the Governments of today create the right conditions for the cities of tomorrow to flourish? CITIE, City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is collaborative research between Nesta, Accenture and Future Cities Catapult. It’s a guidebook that helps policymakers in cities create the best possible environment for innovation and entrepreneurship – vital ingredients for our cities of the future.

The research was developed combining extensive consultation with city government leaders, policy experts, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs with detailed research into nine policy roles that city governments can adopt to support innovation. The roles are Regulator, Advocate, Customer, Host, Investor, Connector, Strategist, Digital Governor and Datavore and were designed to cover the full range of a city’s operations.


As the digital partner on the project, our role was to create an online diagnostic tool that allows analysis across the initial 40 cities featured. The focus for the site was to bring the data to life in an engaging, but comprehensible way, whilst creating a user experience that was effortless and responsive across multiple platforms.

We wanted to visualize the data in the most exciting way possible, but still make the site easily navigable.
Nick Clapson – Director of Digital Technology

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