Turning shopping into play

Turning shopping into play

Shopping online buys us time, savings – and sometimes experiences beyond a simple transaction. Fascinated by this fundamental change, Uniform gave its creative team five days to bring some of those benefits back to the high street.

Exploring a number of platforms and audiences, we eventually identified parents with young children as the most challenging audience. Our solution was Dot.

05.12.14 | Research


Dot is an app that entertains children aged 5-8 while shopping, built around the main character, Dot. On arrival, children are handed the device. Each store area visited unlocks a new level of the game using iBeacon proximity technology – including characters, interactive puzzles, augmented viewfinder challenges and treasure hunt-style games.

The result was stimulated children, reduced stress parents and a distinct retail destination that encourages a vital consumer group to spend more time in store.

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