Giving through play

Giving through play

Dundee Contemporary Arts and game maker Denki got together to see if games theory and design could be used to improve charitable donations to the venue. They discovered the DCA needed to be more playful, and so the partners approached Uniform for help.


Bringing together our old friends Professor Jon Rogers, Chair of Creative Technology at the University of Dundee, and London based Studio PSK, we tried to imagine a playful donation box that could: work without sound, attract kids and adults, and survive long nights outside DCA’s entrance.

Making donations playful was at the heart of the brief
Professor Jon Rogers, University of Dundee & Non-Exec Director, Uniform

We started out exploring a broad range of different physical digital concepts, but using light and in particular exploring RGB felt right given the DCA’s multimedia art exhibitions and cinema. The result was the ArtCade Machine – three giant LED pixels that respond to donations by changing colour, allowing people to play with the basic colour theory that underpins much visual art. In the spirit of classic computer games, ArtCade Machine also has a few ‘easter eggs’ waiting to be discovered.

Three giant LED pixels that respond to donations by changing colour
Martin Skelly, Creative Technologist, Uniform


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