England’s pride, passion and glory

England’s pride, passion and glory

The Football Association has some of the world’s most recognizable brand assets. The players, the managers, and the three closest to the heart of every England fan. Challenged to bring the three Lions out of the badge and into brand communications, Uniform embarked on an exploration of our national pride, passion and glory.

FA Threelions Slideshow 01
FA Threelions Slideshow 02

We began by collaborating with an English illustrator. The brief: retain the lion’s heraldic quality, while giving the FA flexibility in how they expressed their brand. Working closely with the FA to produce the final trio, we developed a set of guidelines along with some more disruptive examples of the Lions at play. 

Formed in 1863, The FA is the oldest football association in the world.

The next step was to render the Lions in three dimensions, taking them from print to digital. The finished work gave the FA a look and feel more closely associated with a premium sports brand – using black to give the brand back its edge.

Pride. Passion. Glory.

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