What does data sound like?

What does data sound like?

We live in a world dominated by data – timetables, weather reports, stock prices. But they tend to be absolute, dealt with by experts and offer little scope for personal interpretation. In this collaboration with the Met Office, Uniform challenged this convention using data gathered by the Met Office’s network of buoys and vessels. 

20.09.14 | Research


Using live feeds from 11 different locations around the UK coast, we took wave height, period and wind speed information to generate a real-time wave pattern on a large-scale electro-magnetic flipdot display.

With the promise of the internet of things we are faced with an exicting new world where pretty much any object can be connected to the web
Professor Jon Rogers, University of Dundee

Exhibited in the V&A as part of the Digital Design Weekend at London Design Festival 2014, the display let visitors listen for their own patterns and changes in the observed weather conditions. Perhaps more importantly, it opened up a discussion on how vast, seemingly incomprehensible data can be relevant to all of us.

The Met Office captures real time data from a vast network of sensors. Hidden off the coast of the UK is a network of buoys and light vessels creating marine data, 24 hours a day
Martin Skelly, Senior Creative Technologist

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