Sculpted Intrigue

Sculpted Intrigue

Helen Amy Murray is an incredibly talented designer whose work is constantly in demand from super premium brands. Helen and her team hand sculpt leather and textiles to create incredible furniture, window displays and art. But their approach and the working process is never revealed.

When Helen came to Uniform with a rebrand brief, we decided to put this secrecy at the centre of her brand. After spending time with Helen, interviewing her team and running some workshop sessions, our creative team began to focus on the handcrafted aspect of her work.

Helen Amy Murray


The result was a graphic style which elegantly frames the product, complemented by a serif word mark. The letterform H represents both the mark Helen makes on the materials, and a doorway into her secretive workshop, which in turn gave us our positioning – Sculpted Intrigue.

We took a less is more approach with the brand to create a platform which allowed Helens work to speak for itself
Tim Sharp, Creative Director
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