In Hounslow

In Hounslow

For satellite Boroughs like Hounslow, the City of London can dominate the landscape – a fact the Borough Council decided to change with its own business brand.

Bringing together Hounslow’s top business influencers, Uniform got to the heart of the challenge: Hounslow was seen as a series of towns, each with its own identity. Few identified with the Borough, or even knew its geographical shape. 

Hounslow Borough Council

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Our solution was to make this a virtue. We used Hounslow’s internal and external borders to create a unique brand – showing both the constituent parts, and the Borough as a whole. The abstract shape worked well with the aspirations of the Council, Hounslow’s upward trajectory, unrivalled travel links and diversity.

Our identity is a visual representation of the brand positioning – Dynamic Exchange
Tim Sharp, Creative Director

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