History + Destiny = Brand Story

History + Destiny = Brand Story

For nearly a thousand years, Hounslow has been a waypoint for people travelling to and from the capital. Keen to give the town its own identity, the borough council came to Uniform. Though every brand is different, there are certain principles which remain the same. Foremost of these is the idea of History and Destiny. 

While historically a waypoint for travelers, today, just like 800 years ago, the town gives some of those passing through a chance to put down roots.

Hounslow Borough Council

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As the first stop on the tube from Heathrow, Hounslow is one of the most diverse towns in the region. And it’s this colour which gave us our inspiration for Hounslow’s identity: a letterform H and a moving carousel which reveals the towns diversity, and the possibilities it offers for business, and for life.

Originally a staging post, Hounslow has always been a place of real possibilities

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