Connecting fans with football

Connecting fans with football

Football fans’ passion goes beyond the number of matches watched, or the tears they’ve cried. It’s a feeling that can’t be quantified, something intuitive. Kixl extends that intuition from the digital to the phsyical world – exploring how the Internet of Things can connect football fans with conversation and sentiment online.

10.04.14 | Research


Kixl flickers and changes colour to represent the real-time volume of tweets for a chosen hashtag. It glows green when there isn’t much activity, flares orange as conversation builds, and red when things are buzzing.

The Blackett Review points to staggering projections for the IoT, with economic value reaching up to $14.4 trillion (Cisco) in 5 years.
Blackett Report, 2014

Users can stay connected with just a glance, or take a sudden change of colour as an alert to a new exciting development – so they’re always in touch with players, managers, fellow fans, the drama of the league’s biggest rivals and the excitement of transfer deadline day.

The modern day fan's connection with his or her club comes as much from an online video clip from training as it does from attending a match on a Saturday.
Jamie Jackson, The Guardian, December 2014

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