A groundbreaking immersive experience

A groundbreaking immersive experience

At Uniform, we have long been interested and invested in the future of the property and place sector. When innovative property developers Knight Dragon approached us with their key London project, Greenwich Peninsula, we set ourselves the challenge of bringing one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe to life.

The solution uses a simple, tactile, ubiquitous medium: paper. Evoking architecture, flexibility and craft, paper is less concerned with realistic representations than with articulating an idea in an original and memorable way, something that perfectly suits the visionary nature of Greenwich Peninsula.

We scoured the biggest and best cities in the world as inspiration for the perfect aesthetic to capture the unwritten story and character of each district. This groundbreaking content formed the basis of the rich, virtual paper world - a creative collaboration with the team at Greenwich Peninsula and Made Thought. A world that boldly bridges the gap between reality and reverie, wholly revolutionising traditional marketing materials. The multi-platform paper world is user navigable and includes 360 degree imagery and film, which uniquely positions the user as the architect of their own experience. By harnessing the inherent benefits of virtual reality - immersion, interaction and awe - we communicate the 25 year Greenwich Peninsula vision to as many people as possible, in the most memorable way possible, at the click of a button.

Knight Dragon


So we invite you to play. Explore. Fly your own route over, through and around the paper world of Greenwich Peninsula. Welcome to a new age of property marketing, where the experience is yours to compose.

''Using real time technology offers users an engaging, fun and personal brand experience of Greenwich Peninsula.''
Nick Bentley, Creative Director

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