Giving the people a voice

Giving the people a voice

The Lake District, Britain’s second national park, has long been shaped by the unique interaction between man and nature. So when the Park Authority asked Uniform for help in its bid to win UNESCO World Heritage status, we knew where to start: with the people and the land.

Conscious that the campaign couldn’t be dictated by an out-of-town agency, we developed an engagement programme which included workshops with local stakeholders and creative packs designed to uncover insights from schoolchildren.

Lake District National Park


What emerged was the true, authentic wonder of a place which inspired UK conservationism, romantic poets and painters, and gives rich rewards to those who work its pastures and walk its peaks and valleys. 

The brand gave local people that chance to share what they loved about their home
Nick Clapson, Digital Director
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Our insights led us to position the Park as ‘an evolving masterpiece’; inspired a look and feel grounded in a sense of the place; and gave us the idea for an online hub populated entirely by user-generated content – putting the power over the UNESCO bid where it belongs, with the people of the Lakes. Visit the site here:

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