More Independence for all

More Independence for all

If you want to reduce the number of people with chronic illnesses who rely on the NHS or long-term care, where do you start? Answer: you target both the sick and the well.

When asked to deliver a brand for a Government-funded pilot doing just that with the use of smart-home technology and external support services, our idea was to talk about the ultimate goal: More Independence.

NHS Liverpool


Our research showed most people accept possible ill health because of social circumstances. It’s normalised. The elderly accept they will have to go to a care home. The young accept reduced life expectancy.

We challenged that by showing people how to take charge, adopt good habits, and modify their homes to help them stay independent. And our light, accessible art direction softened the issue for those people who find technology scary.

With the look and feel, we wanted to make technology less scary - even welcoming - particularly for the older audience.
Tim Sharp, Creative Director
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