Commit. Believe. Belong.

Commit. Believe. Belong.

The relationship between Liverpool Football Club and its supporters is legendary. We were tasked with creating a membership campaign to reflect and reinforce this unique union.


Taking inspiration from Liverpool legend Bill Shankly’s famous quote we developed an ownable campaign for current and prospective members. Visually the campaign creates a sense of energy, passion and emotion and places the ‘holy trinity’ of manager, players and supporters at the heart of the club. 

"At a football club, there's a holy trinity - the players, the manager and the supporters."
Bill Shankly, Liverpool Football Club

The campaign motivates fans to make their membership of the LFC family official. The new look and feel has been delivered across outdoor, press, online and mobile to engage supporters across the globe.

We wanted to convey the passion, pride and energy that creates the unique relationship between supporters and the club.
Neil Sheakey, Senior Creative

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