Change, growth and rock and roll

Change, growth and rock and roll

For those who know, Linn are the pinnacle of audio technology. Concerned they may become the industry’s best kept secret, Linn looked to Uniform to drive growth with a diverse new audience.

Linn make arguably the world’s best hi-fi and music systems. Each product is made by hand in Scotland, just as they have been doing for the past 40 years. Family owned and fiercely independent, Linn have amassed a loyal army of audiophiles. At the heart of our strategic discovery was a plan to help Linn identify new ways of selling without alienating their original customers.


With a complete system retailing for many tens of thousands, we knew from the offset that any new Linn customer would have an exceptional degree of wealth. The challenge was to find a way of communicating with an audience already saturated by sales messages.

Our role throughout was to paint a detailed picture of Linn’s new customers; their perceptions, their journey to purchase and any challenges Linn may face targeting them. Honesty about the needs of wealthy consumers allowed us to develop a strategy that resonated loudly.

Central to our proposed strategy was a brand repositioning. However, shifting Linn from a technology to luxury lifestyle brand had to be managed with the utmost sensitivity.

This wasn’t a pivot and it wasn’t a rebrand. Helping an already solid company affect change for growth requires delicacy.
Tim Sharp, Creative Director

The challenge, with any luxury brand is to tick the necessary luxury boxes without slipping into tackiness. High end consumers want products and services that sit comfortably with their lifestyle decisions.

There was no need to touch an already very strong brand identity. Instead, we tightened up their offer and created new ways to tell the Linn story. And with new storytelling, comes new ways to tell that story. Our brand video helped communicate not only product attributes, but also it’s place in some of the best designed homes in the world.

With a refreshed look and feel we’ve helped Linn present their products to an audience who expect exceptional levels of quality as standard.

With new storytelling, comes new ways to tell that story.
Tim Sharp, Creative Director

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