Sealed-in superiority

Sealed-in superiority

Put team loyalty aside and footballers are divided into two camps: stitched or sealed. Stitched balls are said to give greater accuracy and speed, while sealed or bonded seams offer waterproofing, plus better shape and air retention.

With Hyperseam, a ball that’s both stitched and sealed, Mitre have changed the game. To communicate the unique aspect of the product and get customers excited about the brand, Mitre came to us for help.


We created a fast-paced journey through an abstract manufacturing process, handling all aspects of the film in-house, from CGI to music and SFX. Used at point of sale and online, the video reached audiences in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.

The key to the film was heavily amplifying the unique construction of Hyperseam through truly evocative CG imagery.
Laurie Jones, Creative Director

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