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Scriball is the product of one off-the cuff concept and three years close working with footballing pioneers, Mitre.

As creators of the most technologically advanced balls in the game, it’s unsurprising Mitre retain 69% of the market share. Uniform were asked to help create a new product to reconnect with the individual consumer. Character-driven and fully customisable, Scriball teaches very young players control and dexterity though perfectly sized and weighted balls in a universe that inspires fair play, practice and fun.


Starting life as a rough concept, we were quick to spot Scriball’s vast potential. Working closely with illustrator Adam Stanway, Scriball is a limitless character-driven universe. A custom typeface was inspired in equal measure by his bold, expressive style and the early learning handwriting of a preschooler. We wanted the typeface to feel immediately familiar. From packaging and point of sale to Scriball’s online presence, we’ve implemented a level of consistency that encourages recognition for a product that, with proper use, could end up looking quite different to it’s on sale state.

Scriball is an opportunity for football’s youngest players to get their hands (and feet) on the same footballing innovation as their idols.
Richard Pay, Lead Designer
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Over the space of 18 months, we’ve seen our relationship with Mitre evolve from that of an agency to a trusted collaborator. This well established relationship ensured quick, solid results within a 6 month turnaround to bring Scriball to market in time for the pre-christmas push.

Working closely with Mitre on the product development ensured a healthy division of expertise. Their product design background guaranteed us access to logistical problem solving through the creative process, allowing us to focus on creative direction and a clear market offer.

We knew Scriball needed to be much more than just a toy. We wanted to create something that would capture young player’s imaginations, allowing them to stamp their identity onto the ball.
Tim Sharp, Design Director

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