Manhattan Loft Gardens

Stratford's Sky Garden

Stratford's sky garden.

When London won the 2012 Olympics it set in motion some of the boldest ideas for new properties, as developers began to imagine the views from the Olympic Park area to central London.

The Manhattan Loft Corporation concluded that the capital needed some ambitious architecture and commissioned a luxury 42-storey, double-cantilevered tower, with three sky gardens and a design hotel in the heart of Stratford City.

When complete in 2016, the 248-apartment building would have iconic status, boasting views across the city. However, at the point of commission, the area around the Olympic Park was still largely undeveloped. 

Uniform was tasked with creating a film that communicated the vision for MLG. The animation relied on incredible internal and external imagery, as well as views from the unbuilt tower. We employed the services of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to reach the desired heights and get the precise view that residents would see, creating a magical and effective piece of communication.

MLG OPL Day Shot Final V2 RGB
MLG OPL Sunset Shot Final V2 RGB

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