More Independent Brand

Living More Independently

Living More Independently

Mi (More Independent) is a Government-funded initiative that is being piloted across four UK regions. Using technology, the programme is designed to encourage people to take charge of their health, lifestyle and wellbeing, enabling them to feel safer and live more independently.

Uniform was briefed to develop a new brand for the initiative, including stakeholder engagement, research and insight, naming, brand strategy and activation.

As the initiative was funded through the Technology Strategy Board, Uniform had to protect any intellectual property created in the project, including the brand mark. 

With many partners involved in the process, all offering varying products and services, simplicity was imperative. It was also essential from the outset to create a flexible approach - including brand assets that can be used to depict various scenarios and create strong messaging, without becoming stale. 

Mi Screen 2
Mi Opentopossibility
Mi Product Cards
Mi Catalogue Cover
Mi Catalogue Spread
Mi Brand Book Close Up
Mi Brand Book
Mi Brand Book Spread
Mi Guidelines Screen
Mi Echo Ads
Mi Echo Supplement
Mi Tablet Screen
Mi Adshel V1
Mi Shopping Bag

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