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Attracting next generation theatregoers

Attracting next generation theatregoers

Built as a repertory theatre in 1939, Oxford Playhouse has seen many changes in its 74-year history. Although highly valued locally and held in national regard, the theatre had a precarious financial past and has worked hard to develop a new and exciting future. Over the last decade, the Playhouse has gone from strength to strength, building a reputation as one of Britain’s leading theatres.

Uniform has evolved the brand over a 4 years period with the aim of attracting the next generation of theatregoers. The strategy has focused on rationalising the marketing materials, creating a coherent look and feel and providing structure, while offering the flexibility to communicate any particular show.

The theatre has had a fantastic response, with average audience occupancy well above the UK-wide 60% benchmark. The reaction from theatre audiences, staff and others within the industry has been incredibly positive.

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OP Spreads 2010 2
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OP Spreads 2011 2
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OP Spreads 2012 2
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