Personality behind the productions

Personality behind the productions

Oxford Playhouse has made a name for itself as one of the UK’s leading theatres. But its brand didn’t reflect this well-deserved reputation. So when they asked us to pitch ideas for a new programme, we came back with a complete brand strategy that would reveal the personality behind the productions.

Since 2010 our creative team has worked to establish that brand, beginning with the theatre’s name as the focus of the activity. OP was and is about being open to everyone, welcoming and friendly, so we brought out the personality of the place and it’s staff. 

Oxford Playhouse


In collateral like the brochure, we introduced features that reflected the theatre’s personality – including a foreword from the director, and opinion pieces from the passionate teams who make the theatre work.

As our partnership continues, we’re helping the theatre shape its vision for the years to come. In the meantime, visitor numbers are up and remain well above the UK average.

This project was an exercise in bringing the warmth and passion of OP and the people behind it into the brand
Tim Sharp, Creative Director

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