Wirral Waters

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Life Unlimited.

Wirral Waters is a £4.5 billion plan to transform 500 acres of semi-derelict dockland in Birkenhead over the next 30 years, creating 20,000 jobs. The vision is to create a destination that brings together the community and investors in a sustainable location where people work, live and play.

All major place-making projects are competing in a global marketplace to attract investors and tenants. Peel is taking on this major task in the middle of the biggest economic downturn in 80 years. 

Peel are working with Uniform to create a brand proposition and strategy to communicate the vision and the scale of the transformation. Aiming to turn around public perceptions and secure local buy-in, a community engagement strategy included workshops and one-to-ones with stakeholders groups.

A regional media campaign supported the strategy, including a media tour of the site. Uniform created, briefed, managed and coordinated pre- and post-event PR and communications. Key messages focused on the tree planting programme, job creation, investment opportunities, green infrastructure and an ambitious, pioneering future, and reached a 900k TV, 250k radio and 300k press audience. As the project moves from development into activation, Uniform is now responsible for bringing the brand to life and communicating with Government, investors, media and the local community. 

We recently launched wirralwaters.co.uk

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