Painting a Life Unlimited

Painting a Life Unlimited

Wirral Waters: 500 acres of semi-derelict land in Birkenhead, the site of the UK’s biggest regeneration project, and a completely new feature on the landscape for local people.

As creative partner on the project, our first step was to engage the communities – asking young people to build their own mini-cities, to give us an idea of the kind of place they wanted to live in.


Their insight, added to the pioneering history of the place, led us to a powerful brand positioning - Life Unlimited - and a creative approach which is now shaping how the whole project communicates with all audiences.

We brought the people of Birkenhead into the process, making them part of the vision
Neil Sheakey, Senior Creative
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The brand identity, inspired by light dancing on the water, creates a strong graphic style through which to share the vision behind the development. The brand is being rolled out across a wide range of channels including the website

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