Making paper interactive

Making paper interactive

Forget carefully catalogued VHS, cinema ticket stub collections and the classic mixtape. Today’s consumer keeps their collection in the cloud. But as we move towards the digital, do we lose something along with our physical objects?

Combining the analogue spirit of records and cassettes, the tactile qualities of print and scale of digital data, Uniform created the Postcard Player to explore this transition. 

09.03.12 | Research


The cards have no electronic components, but instead use conductive ink to control the player, and so play different tracks. It was not conceived as a solution to a problem, rather as a way to open the discussion about how physical interactions can enrich our engagement with digital media

The Postcard Player was first shown at SxSW in 2012 and was shortlisted and exhibited as part of the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2013 exhibition. It also won two awards at the Big Chip Awards: the Imagination Award and the Anthony Wilson Original Modern award.

What drew me to the postcard player was the tactile approach to digital content, giving familiar physical form to digital music tracks
Jane Withers, Design Consultant & Curator

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