Making learning magic

Making learning magic

Modern education has many challenges. At one end of the spectrum, how to reverse the negative impact of screen time on children’s concentration. At the other, how to make historical stories and artefacts seem relevant in a world of digital immediacy.

Fascinated by the challenge, Uniform began to explore if the two might work together, embracing the Internet of Things. Collaborating with University of Bristol, the International Slavery Museum, and Dr Andy Pearson as part of the REACT Objects Sandbox, we created Reflector.

26.06.14 | Research


Reflector augments lessons, using internet-connected objects to reveal stories behind rare artefacts, a bit at a time. It’s a tactile, non-screen activity that children can use to create their own opinions or conclusions about – in this case – the Transatlantic Slave Trade, before a handling session at the museum. Reflector is a work in progress with huge potential. Find out more about the React Hub Objects Sandbox here.

You don't know what is going to happen so there is an element of surprise, it's interactive, and encourages more thinking.
Year 9 Pubil, Rednock School, Bristol

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