Living in hyper luxury

Living in hyper luxury

Mayfair is one of the world’s most exclusive areas, with London’s highest concentration of luxury hotels, fine shops, and high-value residential dwellings. RER had an ambitious plan to build a new 12,000 sq ft luxury apartment block – Mayfair Chambers – in the Mayfair Conservation Area, located between Grosvenor Square, Berkeley Square and Bond Street. We created a series of hyper-realistic internal and external images which became the primary sales tool for the development. 


The suite of images was so detailed it was impossible to tell if they were CGI or photographs, with a level of detail RER said “reflected their exquisite standards”. Despite the economic situation in early 2013, RER sold every one of the properties before the building was completed.

We wanted the quality of design and materiality to be reflected in every shot
Nick Bentley, Creative Director

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