Branding the difference

Branding the difference

Big changes are taking place in Liverpool’s health care, including the creation of the £335m Royal Hospital. Having established a close relationship with The Trust, Uniform were asked to develop a new brand positioning and identity that would ensure all stakeholders came along for the ride. 

An intensive six month programme of research including interviews, workshops and ethnographic study led us to a clear strategy: ‘Where we all make a difference’ is about how the brand acts as a platform to show and recognise the contributions of all staff.


Our creative is based on a shield identity, acting as a badge of honour, but also an arrow that allows us to highlight where we make a difference. We’re currently working with the trust to apply the brand internally to the Royal Hospital and beyond.

We created an identity that highlights the incredible work done by the staff at one of the city’s most important institutions.
Pete Blake, Senior Creative

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