Shoulder to shoulder

Shoulder to shoulder

As part of the First World War centenary commemorations the Royal Mint asked Uniform to design a new £2 coin. The design pays tribute to the spirit of the Pals Battalions, an idea first embraced by Lord Derby in Liverpool where he recruited a ‘battalion in which friends from the same office will fight shoulder to shoulder for the honour of Britain and the credit of Liverpool.’ A vision that put the city at the forefront of Lord Kitchener’s historic recruitment drive.

Final coin image courtesy of the Royal Mint.

Royal Mint


Taking inspiration from the emotive Futurist style of war artist CRW Nevinson the coin features three Pals side by side, celebrating their bond and camaraderie. Barbed wire detailing gives a context and creates an interesting and effective texture.

We wanted to communicate, with impact, the power of community and the lengths people will go to defending it.
Tim Sharp, Creative Director

The coin will be in general circulation from spring 2016. 

Liverpool Pals images courtesy of National Museums Liverpool.

It was a privilege to work on a project with such historical significance and commemorate the vision of Lord Derby and the Pals of Liverpool and beyond.
Tim Sharp, Creative Director

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