The passion, history and stories of cycling

A tribute to cycling

Spin Cycle is a Northern digital quarterly that brings together the passion, history and stories of cycling with stunning photography. Given cycling’s cafe culture, it seemed almost unnatural not to have a beautiful printed piece to grace the shelves of those unofficial meeting places.

So, as Spin Cycle’s long-time partner, we jumped at the chance to produce a limited-edition printed annual, abridging issues one to six. We took the opportunity to explore editorial design – working with the photographers, writers and creators of Spin, Dan Kenyon and James Maloney, whittling down six issues to 272 pages. 

Spin Cycle Magazine


The design is clean and simple, and photography-led. Accents, such as linear colour flashes in the spine inspired by road lines, helped separate the magazine from similar publications and reflect what Spin is all about. 

British cycling is but a mirror on society and, unlike my adopted country, it was more about deeds than words.
Herbie Sykes
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