Connecting with physical pixels

Connecting with physical pixels

Kixl is a prototype designed to explore how the Internet of things might connect football fans into online conversations.

A simple alert, it keeps users at the forefront of the latest social conversations between players, managers, fellow fans and the leagues biggest rivals.

It is a physical object that flickers and changes colour by representing the volume of tweets for a chosen hashtag in real time. It glows green when there isn’t much activity, flaring orange as conversation builds, and red when the conversation is buzzing.

With Kixl users can passively consume real time Internet data, actively glancing at it with a spare thought. Alternatively, noticing a sudden colour change in peripheral vision gives the freedom to feel connected to the conversation without devoting specific time and energy to consuming the information.

01 Kixl 1800X900
02 Kixl 1800X900
04 Kixl 1800X900
05 Kixl 1800X900
06 Kixl 1800X900
07 Kixl 1800X900
08 Kixl 1800X900
09 Kixl 1800X900

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