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FMCS is a new model for brand and marketing decision-makers and was created with the aim of helping a growing need for food and beverage brands to prioritise resources and respond to three compounding forces:
Shifting demands and consumer expectations
New possibilities through innovative solutions
Increased competition driving growth in choice

Working with existing clients, Canvas8 and Uniform identified a reoccurring challenge amongst brand and marketing managers across the FMCG sector — how can we make our customer experience better in a world of continuous change and limited resources?

Against this backdrop of changing consumer needs and expectations, brands that can successfully problem-solve stand to become category-defining players. FMCS help brands do just that.

Behavioural insights
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Brand Design

FMCS is a collaboration between Canvas8 and Uniform. Together, we have designed a set of tools for brand and marketing managers to make better decisions during the NPD process.

COVID-19 has disrupted consumer buying behaviour, but many buying habits still remain. Is it imperative for brands to assess the changes that have taken place, adapt the current thinking and activate bold ideas that are relevant to consumer need.