Bringing order to Chaos

Oscar-winning technical innovator, Chaos has reinvented how photoreal imagery and animation is created for design, television, and feature films. Without Chaos’s products, ground-breaking, immersive works like Game of Thrones wouldn’t have been possible. The problem was, Chaos’ equity was tied to those products, not to the brand as a whole. They needed a strong core identity: something to seamlessly connect their ecosystem of products, and let the whole outlive the parts.

Our strategic insight: Chaos empowers everyone in their community, both technically and creatively. Through their service to the art of visualisation; by finding new ways for artists to push the boundaries; how they sustain a community for those artists; and how they curate tools to make the impossible possible. We articulated this with the positioning line ‘create your world’. Over the last 12 months, the idea has shaped a clear brand architecture, strategic direction and new visual identity. Supporting Chaos to achieve what has long been their mission – empowering, celebrating and inspiring 3D artists.